We will provide you with a simple to use platform where you can tumble your coins and achieve true anonymity on the blockchain network. As soon as your Ethereum is sent to us, it is tumbled together with the Ethereum in our large pool.

Combining your transactions with thousands of other transactions which have been recorded on our platform makes it almost impossible to pinpoint the exact location and source of the Ethereum.

We also make use of a special algorithm to digitally "mark" any coins sent to us by a user. This is to make sure we don't send that same coin back to the user.

Do you charge any transaction fee ?

Yes, we charge transaction fees for any transaction. The transaction fee is 0.0005 ETH, which we use to cover mining fees. Additionally, we charge a randomized service fee of 0.1%.

What is the difference between Ethereum mixing and Ethereum tumbling ?

There is no difference between the terms Ethereum mixing or tumbling. They're two terms which mean the same thing.

What can be done when I send lesser than the required amount of Ethereum ?

If you send lesser than the required amount of Ethereum to our platform the transaction will not be processed. Our platform will only start the processing of your transaction if you send the required amount of Ethereum.

Minimum deposit is 0.01 ETH and the maximum deposit is 300 ETH. Always make sure to send at least 0.0005 Ethereum more, to cover the transaction fees.

What do I do if my browser crashes during the mixing ?

If your browser crashes during the mixing process, and your participation is already paid, then the transaction and mixing process will continue. But if you haven't transferred the Ethereum to the input address before your browser crashes, then you can just create a new participation.

You can also check your transaction status with your Ethereum Tumbler ID.

How long does the mixing process take ?

The mixing process is completed instantly automatically. For every transaction, the system already has a pre-mixed Ethereum available. Once you click on the participate link on the website, fill the form and confirm the transaction by sending the required amount of Ethereum.

How can I contact you ?

You can contact us through our website by clicking on the "Contact" button in footer.